THE PROJECT FOR AWESOME 2012 IS HERE! Save the Children.

by on December 17, 2012


In which John introduces the sixth annual Project for Awesome, when
YouTube is taken over for one day by videos about charities. My
Project for Awesome charity this year is Save the Children, an
organization that has done amazing work with the nerdfighter community
over the last five years and hopefully will continue to be a huge part
of our community for years to come.

Let's reduce worldsuck! Every comment on a project for awesome video
over the next 48 will be one penny I have to donate to charity, so
comment like crazy.


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lexi December 17, 2012 at 9:38 pm

JOHN GREEN I NEED HELP!!!! Ok, so odds are you wont even ever read this comment, let alone answer it but I really need your advice.
So, I’m trying really hard to be a novelest even though I’m still a teenager but it’s not really working for me. Most of the time I’ll write 2-6 chapters in the book and then get a new idea and completely forget about the original book I was writing. Except I got the idea for the currant book I am writing a year ago and I’ve been writing in it for one year, one month and three days(give or take a few weeks). I have 112 pages and 19 and a half chapters.
I started out really well; I was writing a chapter a day sometimes more and most of my friends thought it was a really good book and I could get it published some day. But over these past few months I write, like, a chapter ever two months and I feel like I’m loosing the main character’s voice; like I don’t have the ability to be him anymore.
So I guess my question is: How do YOU write your books? Do you have any advice for me? Should I just stop trying to write novels and stick to short stories and poetry and stuff? How do I finish this book without ruining it?


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