I Was a Child Poet. And a Bad One.

by on November 13, 2012

In which John shares some of his early writing, including a poem called "Bio Poem" that is well and truly humiliating in its lack of quality. I also discover and share many items from my past, including my old report cards and some Brotherhood 2.0 memorabilia. Also, I celebrate some good news: The Fault in Our Stars has been named one of the ten best books of 2012 by the editors at Amazon: http://t.co/TaDb008x

Check out the de Grummond Collection on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/de-Grummond-Childrens-Literature-Collection/103104874119

(And yes, this means that any interested researchers will be able to go to the collection and look through dozens of different drafts of each of my novels, read the editorial correspondence between Julie and me, etc. The de Grummond Collection is an amazing resource, and I feel very lucky that my work will be part of it.)


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Heather November 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

John, Your book is on that list because it is the best book I’ve read, not only this year, but possibly in my entire life. It is one of the only books I’ve ever wanted to read more than once. And I’m 33. See you on Friday!


Chris Schaefer November 15, 2012 at 8:31 am

As a former elementary school teacher, I might be able to shed some light on the mystery format in your poems. They sound like a formula assignment that we sometimes give where the first line is supposed to be your first name, second line, two adjectives, third line, a phrase describing your personality, fourth line, what you’re good at, etc. and last line, your last name. That might not exactly fit the poems you read–I suppose the teacher could make up whatever criteria he or she wanted for the poem. Anyway, that type of assignment came to mind when you read your ‘early works’. :-)


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