Across Three Continents: A Tale of Tumblr, Copyright, and Excellent Posters

by on January 29, 2013

Preorder a (signed!) copy of the tri-continental poster that inspired this video: In doing so, you'll support beautiful nerdfighters bringing beautiful things into the world.

In which John discusses intellectual property, the complexity of protecting it, and the total insufficiency of current copyright law. The failure of copyright law has led to a kind of Wild West mentality here on the Internet, particularly on tumblr, where strange and complex collaborations happen every day. John happened across one such collaboration, fell in love with it, and then spent weeks trying to untangle the business of who, exactly, should own what.

Nica (the original artist) has a tumblr:
So does Ashild (who adapted Nica's art into a poster):
So do I:

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